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ADDRESS Antiparos Island.
Market street
(meters from the square)
HOURS Mon - Sun
18pm - 1am
PHONE +30 22840 61697
+30 6936 145414
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"We are fans of quality! All dishes are made on the spot using only fresh ingredients, which are selected by from our cook. We design and execute each recipe depending on the availability of materials and what we And in the local market daily. That's why we choose suppliers and partners who follow our philosophy: quality above all! So every day we order and receive our materials in small quantities so that we can keep the Bavor and freshness and you can taste them in your dish. We know that is too much trouble ... but it is our passion!”

In Argentina we believe that, the less the meat is cooked so much the better we also say that in an overly cooked meat are not distinguish the quality ... Meats cooked at your option:

  • Rare Cooked outside, raw and warm inside
  • Medium rare Cooked outside, raw and red in the center
  • Medium Cooked outside and pink inside
  • Medium well Cooked outside and interior with pink juices
  • Well done Cooked outside and interior without juices
We will wait for you!